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      Bitchin' Summer

      Bitchin' Summer

      Avril Lavigne

      Album: Avril Lavigne

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      Avril Lavigne - Bitchin' Summer Música y Letra

      Everyone’s waiting on the bell (on the bell ) 
      A couple seconds we’ll be raising hell (raising hell) 
      The sun is shining down, School is finally out 
      Nothing matters so we might as well (Might as well) 
      Everybody’s baking in the sun Come and party do it while we’re young
      Move your body when you hear the drums So put your hands up 
      It’s gonna be a bitchin’ summer 
      we’ll be living fast keeping us together like high school lovers 
      gonna have a blast make it last forever 
      I’ll pick you up at the liquor store, hurry up we can fit one more 
      Its now or never, Its gonna gonna be be , a bitchin’ summer 
      Uh oh oh oh oh, Uh oh oh a bitchin summer 
      uh oh oh oh, uh oh oh a bitchin summer 
      Throwing empty bottles in the fire (in the fire) 
      Whiskeys got us singling like a choir (like a choir) 
      Where we gonna run? When the police come 
      But in the mall we are so alive (so alive) 
      Like like right here, its the beach the party dont stop 
      if we dont get harassed by the motherfuckin’ cops 
      A quoter tank of gas about a half of pack 
      my cell phones dying, but theres no turning back 
      I can feel the breeze steering with my knee 
      drumming on my dashboard bumping to the beat 
      Hitting the windsheild wiper, searching for my lighter 
      I gotta get right before this all nighter

      Avril Lavigne - Bitchin' Summer Música y Letra





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