Music PlayLists
      1. Big Night Album BTR

      2. Boyfriend Album BTR

      3. Windows Down Album Singles

      4. Halfway There Album BTR

      5. City Is Ours Album BTR

      6. Music Sounds Better With U feat. Mann Album Elevate

      7. Oh Yeah Album BTR

      8. All Over Again Album Elevate

      9. Nothing Even Matters Album BTR

      10. Invisible Album Elevate

      11. Blow Your Speakers Album Elevate

      12. All I Want For Christmas Is You Album Holiday Bundle

      13. Amazing Album 24/Seven

      14. Time of Our Life Album Elevate

      15. A Hard Day's Night Album Big Time Movie Soundtrack EP

      16. Elevate Album Elevate

      17. Can't Buy Me Love Album Big Time Movie Soundtrack EP

      18. Song for You Album 24/Seven

      19. Confetti Falling Album 24/Seven

      20. Superstar Album Elevate

      21. We Can Work It Out Album Big Time Movie Soundtrack EP

      22. Til I Forget About you Album BTR

      23. Run Wild Album 24/Seven

      24. Big Time Rush Album BTR

      25. Help Album Big Time Movie Soundtrack EP

      26. Cover Girl Album Elevate

      27. We Are Album 24/Seven

      28. Revolution Album Big Time Movie Soundtrack EP

      29. You're Not Alone Album Elevate

      30. No Idea Album Elevate

      31. Someday Album Singles

      32. Epic Album Singles

      33. All I Want for Christmas Album Holiday Bundle

      34. Crazy for U Album 24/Seven

      35. Like Nobody’s Around Album 24/Seven

      36. Get Up Album 24/Seven

      37. Show Me Album Elevate

      38. Picture This Album 24/Seven

      39. Beautiful Christmas Album Holiday Bundle

      40. Love Me Love Me Album Elevate

      41. If I Ruled the World feat. Iyaz Album Elevate

      42. I Know You Know (feat. Cymphonique) Album BTR

      43. Count On You (feat. Jordin Sparks) Album BTR

      44. 24 seven Album 24/Seven

      45. I Wanna Hold Your Hand Album Big Time Movie Soundtrack EP

      46. Worldwide Album BTR



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