Music PlayLists
      1. This Kiss Album Kiss Deluxe

      2. Call Me Maybe Album Curiosity EP

      3. Good Time - Owl City, Carly Rae Jepsen Album Kiss Deluxe

      4. Call Me Maybe Album Kiss Deluxe

      5. Julien

      6. Cut To The Feeling

      7. Money And The Ego Album Tug Of War

      8. Favourite Colour Album Emotion

      9. Tell Me Album Tug Of War

      10. Worldy Matters Album Tug Of War

      11. Turn Me Up Album Kiss Deluxe

      12. Sunshine On My Shoulders Album Tug Of War

      13. Tiny Little Bows Album Kiss Deluxe

      14. Picture Album Curiosity EP

      15. Heavy Lifting Album Tug Of War

      16. More Than A Memory Album Kiss Deluxe

      17. Your Heart Is A Muscle Album Kiss Deluxe

      18. Boy Problems Album Emotion

      19. Call Me Maybe (10 Kings vs Ollie Green Remix) Album Call Me Maybe (Remixes) EP

      20. All That Album Emotion

      21. E·mo·tion Album Emotion

      22. Your Type Album Emotion

      23. Warm Blood Album Emotion

      24. Hotel Shampoos Album Tug Of War

      25. Tonight I' M Getting Over You Album Kiss Deluxe

      26. Call Me Maybe (Manhattan Clique Remix) Album Call Me Maybe (Remixes) EP

      27. Call Me Maybe (Coyote Kisses Remix) Album Call Me Maybe (Remixes) EP

      28. Run Away With Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)

      29. Drive Album Kiss Deluxe

      30. I Really Like You Album Emotion

      31. Black Heart Album Emotion

      32. Bucket Album Tug Of War

      33. Let’s Get Lost Album Emotion

      34. Curiosity Album Curiosity EP

      35. Wrong Feels So Right Album Kiss Deluxe

      36. Guitar String Wedding Ring Album Kiss Deluxe

      37. Both Sides Now Album Curiosity EP

      38. Sour Candy Album Tug Of War

      39. Gimmie Love Album Emotion

      40. Talk to Me Album Curiosity EP

      41. Sweet Talker Album Tug Of War

      42. LA Hallucinations Album Emotion

      43. Making the Most of the Night Album Emotion

      44. Call Me Maybe (Almighty Club Mix) Album Call Me Maybe (Remixes) EP

      45. I Know You Have A Girlfriend Album Kiss Deluxe

      46. Beautiful (feat. Justin Bieber) Album Kiss Deluxe

      47. Last Christmas

      48. I Didn’t Just Come Here to Dance Album Emotion

      49. Curiosity Album Kiss Deluxe

      50. When I Needed You Album Emotion

      51. Run Away with Me Album Emotion

      52. Hurt So Good Album Kiss Deluxe

      53. Tug Of War Album Tug Of War

      54. Just a Step Away Album Curiosity EP

      55. Sweetie Album Kiss Deluxe

      56. Emotion Album Emotion



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